Its no longer news that digital marketing technologies especially social media have provided a more affordable and efficient means of advertising as an alternative to traditional advertising (Print, Radio, TV and Outdoor). Advertising, in general, can guarantee you exposure and not sales. This is where digital advertising media has an incredible advantage over traditional advertising when implemented properly by developing the right strategies.

Digital Advertising gives you the power to target your audience accurately and measure the impact of your ad campaign on your overall sales.

However, for your advert campaign to ultimately achieve its objectives (awareness, traffic or conversions) there are four things you should properly define:

  1. Product or Service: What are you selling? What you are selling, whether it’s a product or service, is not the name, features or brand; these are usually secondary in the minds of your prospective customers. What you are selling is the benefit or the value your product or service has to offer to your prospective customer. You should be able to show how your product or service will help your prospective customer fulfill a pressing need. When you clearly define what you are selling, crafting the right marketing message or creating sales copies that would attack the emotional motivations of your prospective customer and make them desire your product or service.
  2. People: Who are you selling to? Most businesses usually have a vague idea who their ideal customers are. Truth is your product or service is not for everyone. Your ideal customer is the one who has the greatest need for the benefit or values your product or service has to offer and can afford it and is usually active on the promotional channel you intend to use in promoting your business.
  3. Pricing: How much will it cost? If you properly define your product/service and the people you are selling to, it will be easy for you to implement an effective pricing strategy that will guarantee that both the seller and buyer have a fair deal.
  4. Place: Where will they buy from? Defining this will provide you a better chance of generating conversion during your next marketing or advertising campaign because your sales copy and marketing message can be crafted putting this in mind, you will be able to target accurately your ideal customers and make the buying process easy for them by providing a call to actions that encourage conversions.
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