Have you ever asked how much it cost to build and manage a website and you get the "it depends" reply. Well that's the truth; the cost of building and managing a Website depends on a lot of factors like

  • the business requirement the website is supposed to help you fulfill,
  • the required features and functionalities that the website needs to have so that it can fulfill the objectives it was created for,
  • the cost of the materials that will be needed to implement these features and functionalities, and
  • finally the agency or service provider

For the purpose of convenience, Agencies and Individuals that provides website design services create packages and provide you with a fixed price, usually from 20,000 upwards. In this article, we will break the cost down so you see what constitutes that website design and development quote. This will enable you get a clear idea of how that pricing package was arrived at.

Typically, the cost of creating and managing a website can be divided into two:

Recurrent cost

Domain Name –

Yearly cost for domain names depends on the domain name extension. The table below lists an estimated cost of popular domain name extensions.

  • .com         ₦4,000
  • .org           ₦4,000
  • .net           ₦4,000
  • .com.ng   ₦1,500
  • .org.ng     ₦1,500
  • .ng            ₦15,000

Website Hosting –

The cost of hosting a website ranges between ₦4,000 to ₦400,000 per year, depending on the hosting plan.

Email Services and Hosting

The cost of getting a customized email  address (for example yourname@yourbusiness.com) and a server to host, manage and store  your emails ranges from free (some website hosting plan comes with email hosting) to ₦4,000 for each email per year.   The cost of different email hosting services by  popular providers is shown below:

  • Gsuite $72, $144 and $300 Per Email Per Year
  • Microsoft Outlook $48, $92 and $150 Per Year
  • Zoho $12, $36 and $48 Per Year
  • Namecheap Private Email $8.88, $18.88, $20.88 and $22.88 Per Year

SSL Certificate

The cost of getting SSL certificate rages from ₦4,000 and ₦62,000 Per Year

Management Cost

These costs are optional but also important. Included are costs of regular content updates, addition of new features etc. These costs are negotiable and depends on the type of retainer agreement made with the service provider. Typical costs ranges from ₦10,000 per month.

Set up cost

Web Design

Web Design services are usually billed as  a one-time-fee depending on additional services you want for, cost ranges from 30,000 upwards and the package usually constitute of the following services.


  • Audience Analysis
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Creating User Personas


  • Copy-writing
  • Image  Acquisition, Manipulation and Optimization
  • Video Acquisition

User Interface & Experience Design

  • Layout
  • Site Map
  • Navigation
  • Customer Journey Map (Sales Funnel)


  • Logo Design
  • Email Template Design
  • Email Signature

Web Development

Web development involves representing these designs in a language a web browser can understand. Web developers use Markup languages (HTML5) to represent text, images, videos on a browser, CSS to layout pages, menus, buttons and provide the overall look and feel of a website. The cost of developing a website depends on the approach that will be used

  • Custom-Made - This involves building a website from the scratch. This means the web developer generates all the markup, and codes from the scratch. This approach is usually more expensive and cost starts from ₦200,000 upwards
  • Content Management System (CMS) - This process of developing websites involves the use of content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupa, etc to build the website. What happens here is the web developer creates a theme on the CMS. Cost of developing a website using this approach starts from ₦50,000

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


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