I recommend that you a spend minimum of ₦150,000 +VAT. • A typical self-hosted, custom built non-ecommerce website will cost between 80,000 – 400,000 • A typical self-hosted, custom built ecommerce website will cost between 200,000 – 4,000,000 • A typical hosted website will cost between €30 - 150 per month
A typical small business website should take around 2-24 Weeks in calendar time, depending on the functionality needed. In working time, a ball-park figure of 20-100 person-hours. A custom-built solution will need more time.
This depends on your type of business, your own skills, what type of website you have already, and whether you sell products or services, and whether you cater mostly to consumers (B2C) or to other businesses (B2B). Business to Consumer Lead generation/ Booking Direct sales (ecommerce) Business to Business Lead generation/ Booking Direct sales or Lead generation
Choosing the right website designer is important. A good web design company will want to understand your business even better than your accountant does. They should be asking questions about your customers - who they are, what needs they have that your business solves. To find providers, a good place to get started is by simply doing a web search for “web designers" and looking at the first 2 pages of results. Also look at local business websites that you like and check the bottom of the homepage for a credit. If there's no credit link, contact the business to ask about who they got to do it, and what their experience was like.
• Can you provide references? • How long have you been in business? • What’s your background and specialty? • How long have you been working with the technology you’d use on our site? • Do you handle all work in-house or outsource some of it? • Is the website system/technology custom-built or off the shelf? • Can you talk me through your design process? • Will the website be mobile and tablet friendly? • How do you structure your pricing? • What future and ongoing costs will there be? • What is your estimated timeline to build this site?
Web "design" actually requires a bunch of different skills. Sometimes you'll find a single person with all of these skills, but they're rare (and very expensive!) Ask your web provider what their background and strengths are, and find out if they work with others to supplement in the areas they're not so strong in.
Typical Employees Description Cost Solo 1 A sole trader or freelancer, often uses 3rd parties for € Least Expensive Partnerships 2 Most often a partnership between a visual focused designer and a techie €€ Average Agencies/ Studios 5+ Most Professional and charge correspondingly. Often outsource design work to freelancers €€€ Most Expensive