A few people have asked my advice on why they should get a tablet, or which particular brands or models to get, and whatever the answers I gave them, I realized they were prime candidates for me to dedicate this particular piece too.

I resisted the urge to click on the share button immediately after posting this, copy/paste their email addresses into the designated fields so I could get some respite, and they would read and make up their minds already. After all, why would one wonder what to do with a car, when you need a means of transportation to get to work?

Anyways, before you start suggesting something as creative as jogging to work, and I start explaining how soaked clothes and smelly armpits are not good for the workplace, let me emphasize that the tablet, like its predecessors the desktop and the laptop, has shaped, established and defined a niche for itself.  It has created a demand for itself, a demand which is embedded loosely in its stylish bridging-the-gap approach which cannot be broached by the plethora of smartphones hitting the market, or the ever-thinner and touch-sensitive laptops.

This function, which must be occupied with absolute calm, has seen the introduction of several models, with multiple sizes, abilities, and capabilities.

The first-is-best heralding was done by Apple, sizzling the fingers of users with the iPad, and whatever coup they achieved with this nascent offering, they crystallized with the iPad 2 and iPad 3. It came on the iOS X with a dual-core A5X chip, is and will remain a complementary friend to their Mac systems, and also has a highly efficient crossing point through the iTunes software. They keep expanding the Apple planet with a conscious mindset of keeping the ring firmly wound around their eye-watering ecosystem.

It boasts of the highest housing of apps, which enabled it to seize the market with a death-grip, as everyone able to get their tablet found something, actually several things, to love and enjoy about it. This has been achieved in such an incisive way through a firm requirements system, commendable R&D, and has asserted such remarkable results that some people would argue with you that Apps came from the word Apple, and not Applications.

Others quickly followed, with Samsung introducing the Galaxy Tab,  neatly splitting it into the 10.1-inch model and the 8.9-inch model. With a few differences between both devices, they created something nice, runs on the Google Android OS, but had a few laps to complete, like battery life, before it could catch up with the iPad.

I once got this short video about an old man who decidedly chopped onions as he chattered with his daughter in the kitchen, and her absolute petrifaction as he walked over to the spot where she was standing and slides the vegetables off the “board” into it, rinsed it up and slots it into the dryer. Yes, I know, you think what an absolute waste on a parody, but hey, whatever use we find for these devices, the idea is that we use it for what we think it is best suited for and get our money’s worth off it at the end of its lifespan.

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